Ben Tuita

It's not all about the haircut, to Ben it's also about the person. Every appointment is a chance to meet people from different walks of life. Ben loves the challenge that comes with every haircut and the people behind every appointment. Every client is different and no head shape is the same.

A graduate from the London Barber School and trained in Canada with world renowned  Vidal Sassoon, barbering gives Ben the opportunity to apply technical skills, acquired over many years, to create solutions that bring out the best look in every client. Ben combines contemporary hairdressing and classical barbering techniques - the outcome: a unique take on barbering.


Sarah Gibbs 

Sarah is passionate about cutting men's hair.  It's the sharp and clean shapes involved in a men's haircut that she really loves. She received her haircutting training at renowned Biba Academy and now has over five years' experience in the field. In the past couple of years she has learned some very clever and technical ways of approaching haircuts which she is keen to put into action as a 'guest' Ugly Barber.

Sarah grew up with six uncles and four brothers so working in the male environment of a barber shop makes total sense to her.









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